Healthy drinks,
no packaging

We believe the days of sugary soft drinks in disposable packaging are well and truly over. Which is why we developed the very first vending machine that is good for your body as well as for the planet.

Already setting a good example:

Get to know
the Refill Point

Position your glass or drinking bottle, select your favourite flavour, and start tapping away. This mini drinks factory, with its tasteful design, dispenses four different flavours, or just still and sparkling water.

The healthy alternative to soft drinks

Something about the body is a temple?

75% less sugar

Natural ingredients


Throwaway was cool in the twentieth century.

Traditional soft drinks are only available in disposable packaging: plastic bottles or cans. In 2021? Really?

Did you know that most drinks are 80% water? By not having to transport water around, our ecological footprint is minimal.

Traditional drinks vending machines consume energy 24/7. Our smart Refill Point only chills when needed: when you tap.

It really couldn't be more simple...

No lugging bottles or cans around. Our machine needs refilling three times less frequently than a traditional soft drinks machine.

A choice of flavours, payment methods, designs and service plans. The Refill Point can be adapted to your preferences and circumstances.

For us, going green does not mean compromise on costs or profit margins.

Less packaging is something we do together

“SAP is ISO 14001 certified. That is an environmental standard which imposes conditions on a series of elements, such as the consumption of energy and water, emissions, carbon footprint and so on. Dripl has a positive impact on several of these.



“Dripl fits perfectly into our sustainability narrative. Because we want to ban plastic bottles. Refillable bottles or jugs which taste of something align perfectly with our sustainable narrative”


Packaging-free afterwork at SBE

Dripl in the media

Logo De Morgen

‘A wake-up call for big companies’: will everyone soon be standing at the drinks machine with their own drink can?

“Lockdown gave us time to catch our breath.”

“JBC headquarters bans disposable bottles”

“Ghent start-up wants to launch ‘refillution’ with packaging-free soft drink vending machine”