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Discover the six fantastic flavours. Totally natural, far less sugar and made with care. We bet you’ll like them just as much as we do. Cheers!

Three quarters less sugar

A flavourful drink, with minimal sugar. 75% less than your classic soft drink.

Natural ingredients

We do it all without flavourings, colourings or other chemical junk. Pure nature.


The Dripl flavours are produced in a traditional way, using organic ingredients.

Explore the mouthwatering Dripl flavours

Dripl is a refreshing response to the quest for a healthier and tastier alternative to soft drinks.

Can you tell the difference?

per 100 ml





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Only natural ingredients

Here at Dripl we use natural produce: from fresh tea leaves and whole lemons to root ginger. These ingredients provide blends which contain less sugar and are healthier for you.

Want to try for yourself?

Taste first, then believe. We get it. Which is why we created our very own Tasting Box. Order one now and be amazed.