The most flavoursome drinks with the tiniest impact on climate.

We believe in a future without throwaway packaging. If we all work together for a properly refillable future, we will go far. Will you join our Refillution™?

Meet today’s soft drinks industry, one of the least sustainable industries in the world.

Soft drinks only come in plastic bottles or cans.

Every day, this produces a mountain of waste as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

Besides, soft drinks are really just water with a little flavour added, you realise.

So masses of trucks are driving around, mostlyfull of water.

Even though tap water is available everywhere – on tap. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

And when we look at the actual flavour…

… it’s mainly just all sugar.
And ‘sugar-free‘ often just means: stuffed with chemical additives.

It should be better than this. What if you could help the planet while drinking healthy drinks?

#items of packaging saved

Dripl in the picture - JBC

JBC decided to achieve its sustainable goals in both the products they offer and their internal operations. In February 2021, they joined forces with Dripl. 8 months on (as of September 2021), and our partnership has made a real impact.

“Dripl fits perfectly into our sustainability narrative. Because we want to ban plastic bottles. Refillable bottles or jugs which taste of something align perfectly with our sustainable narrative”


JBC's commitment saved:

just from drinking Dripl

Sustainability is a practical solution for everyone.

With Dripl we want to make sustainability a no-brainer. We want to propose a solution just as tasty, easy and price-friendly. So neither you, nor I, nor Paul, not Alice ever has to think about whether we are acting sustainably. It’s simply the best option, in all respects.

Sustainability needs to be a practical solution, not just for companies and those who can afford it, but for everyone. Without no additional headaches or cost.

Day in, day out, we are busy trying to come full circle here. There is still much to be done. This is an ongoing process, and we continue to improve and innovate as much as we can on an ecological, technical and human level.

This is our aim, we promise.

– Colin, Team Dripl

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