Hi, we're Dripl!

The team driving this refillution, motivated to make that mountain of packaging waste a tad shorter and at the same time tantalise your taste buds.

Meet the faces behind Dripl

Colin Deblonde
Co-founder & CEO
Lucas Moreau
Co-founder & CTO
Tim Dhondt
Go-to-market Lead
Jonas De Schaut
Marketing Lead
Jasper De Pau
Technical Customer Support
Lynn Vermeulen
Refill Ranger
Samir Bouderqa
Refill Ranger
Arne Vandael
Technical Customer Support
Lukas Marivoet & Marcel
Software Leads
Kjell Vanneste
Customer Success Expert
Sören Fillet
Content Marketer
Robbert Debroyer
Operations Lead
Eline Dumortier
Refill Ranger

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What's important to us

The golden triangle

We want to put a dream proposal on the table, a combination of health and sustainability which is also well priced. So we all make the right choice automatically, without compromise.

Life is too short not to enjoy

YOLO – you only live once. So why just drink (boring old) water? We believe that craving flavour, while not compromising on health, is a good thing. Enjoy life, go for a picnic by the sea, and hopefully our fizzy drinks can be part of that.

Full circle

We strive to show responsibility in everything we do. This is a common thread running through our organisation and products. It is a continuous process of making ourselves, the Refill Point and our fizzy drinks better in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

How it all began

One summer’s day. Colin and Lucas are standing in front of a drinks machine at Antwerp Central Station, looking at a bottle of chilled Ice Tea in a vending machine. Dopper bottle in hand, they realise the absurdity of being able to fill a bottle with drinking water anywhere, yet still having to buy soft drinks in plastic bottles or cans.

This sums up the intrinsic problem that soft drinks go hand in hand with disposable packaging. Extensive research revealed this was just the tip of the iceberg: huge quantities of water were being carted around needlessly, and, even worse, flavourings were full of sugar or chemical additives.

With help from their two best friends, Lukas and Mathijs, an initial prototype is soon developed. This first version sees a successful trial period at Ghent University. 

One year later, Dripl was born: with version 2.0 of the soft drinks vending machine and an enthusiastic team on board, they are on their way to reinventing the industry.

Joining forces with our partners